Wireless Solutions

BCM utilizes wireless mesh network technology that provides exceptional value with the lowest cost-per-node of any high-capacity mesh solution.

Ethernet connectivity plays a key role in almost all security standalone and integrated systems. BCM has the experience and skills to utilize existing networks to deploy scalable hardwired networks as well as LAN/WAN wireless networks.

With years of experience in deploying, utilizing, and maintaining various wireless networks, BCM brings knowledge and experience to identify the appropriate delivery method for its customers.

The key to developing an appropriate wireless network is sufficient bandwidth and exceptional reliability. BCM has forged a partnership with the top providers of high-performance mesh network solutions. These networks provide high-capacity, self-healing wireless backbones for outdoor or indoor networks and are designed for maximum performance and scalability.

BCM’s wireless network solutions deliver the following benefits:

Best price/performance sets a new standard for wireless deployment economics – by eliminating manual provisioning, cable installation (e.g., permits, trenching required to lay fiber optic cable), and the need for specialized expertise, wireless mesh networks can significantly reduce the labor costs and lead times of network installation by eliminating a significant amount of backhaul cabling.

Rapid deployment – Enables customers to continue business operations and revenue during deployment.

High Performance – Each node features hardware optimized for maximum speed on the mesh and at each location. In addition to providing fast transport between hops, each node also features an integrated high-speed Ethernet switch for local line-rate switching up to 100 Mbps per port. These service ports support virtually any Ethernet device including access points, video cameras and other network devices.

Secure – AES strong encryption and WEP encryption ensure data can be securely transported across the mesh network, ensuring data integrity and privacy.