BCM Controls can combine all your facility management needs into a single integrated automation solution

Control and Monitor your HVAC, Lighting, Security, Card Access, Video and Fire/Life Safety

BCM has in-house Project Managers, Engineers and Technicians experienced in all these technologies and able to design and install the best combination of available products to serve your needs.

The benefits of an integrated approach include:

  • Lower installed costs due to shared wiring infrastructure, workstations, and controllers as well as labor efficiencies
  • Lower operating costs for end-users due to reduced training, vendor management and operator monitoring/control labor
  • Coordination of building operation functions to allow building sequences to operate across system boundaries

BCM’s versatile systems can be architecturally configured to communicate over different networks from Ethernet to BACnet to LON. You can access your system from any PC on the network or from any PC from around the world with a web browser.

HVAC Controls

From a single VAV box to a central chiller plant— BCM’s HVAC Control systems come with powerful networking capabilities, unmatched flexibility and programmability, complete interoperability with your current system and scalability that lets your initial investment grow with your building’s needs.

Security and Card Access

Access control and cardholder management has never been easier! Control up to 28 card readers and manage 78,000 cardholders with a single unit. Daily card record administration and badging is a breeze, and, using a single “Personnel Information” screen, you can add, edit, and search for personnel easily.

Lighting Controls

Ethernet-based Intelligent Building Systems provide building operators with a complete, easy-to-use and seamless system for controlling all lighting. With BCM, the need for costly hard-wired interface panels, custom software, and duplicate networks and controllers required by competitive products is eliminated.

Video Security

BCM lets you view live video as well as retrieve and view recorded video while the system continues to record. No more plodding through hours of videotape. Video retrieval is fast and easy. Search events by time, date, location, camera, alarm, and more. You can easily set your own custom recording schedule and method.

Fire and Life Safety

BCM’s completely integrated facility management system provides early warning, alarming to local fire stations, and door shut off to provide building and personnel safety.