Every facility is different. That is why our team of skilled professionals designs custom camera solutions based on your requirements.

In order to provide the best possible IP & analog video security, BCM has forged significant relationships with the world’s top manufacturers of video security solutions.

Navigating the difficult solutions offered in today’s product-driven market is made easier by utilizing BCM’s expertise to answer the numerous questions that exist when selecting to install a system.

  • How much storage time can I get?/How much storage time should I get?
  • Can I run a digital video security system on my existing network? What will the impact be?
  • What are the remote access and mobile options?
  • What areas need pan-tilt-zoom capability and which are better served by multiple fixed lens cameras or panoramic cameras?
  • Can the system be integrated with access control, fire, BAS, alarm, lighting, etc?

Whether your need is for a few cameras or a full city-wide surveillance system, a single monitor or a complete video wall, BCM has the optimum solution to all your video security needs.