Answers anywhere. Who knew big data could be this simple?

While security video will continue to be used primarily in preventing and solving crimes, this data source is now being used in a non-traditional sense to help businesses save money and operate more efficiently. BCM Analytic Solutions turn your security system into a business intelligence tool transforming real-world patterns and trends into powerful reports and visual summaries that anyone can understand.

  • Count the number of people that enter your building and where they go
  • Analyze long-term trends, such as foot traffic patterns, dwell time and the most popular areas of your facility
  • Convert this data into concise reports to improve operational efficiencies
  • Access reports anytime, anywhere

BCM builds custom analytics interfaces for your system that can include people counting, heat maps, occupancy counts, object detection, automated tracking and more. All of these can be combined into easy-to-read dashboards that are accessible anywhere and anytime.