BCM offers comprehensive energy-related services that deliver a competitive edge to our customers through reduced operating costs, improved building performance and environments and greater employee productivity.

BCM Controls uncovers opportunities to reduce electricity and fuel consumption and solve facility issues. The end result is improved and upgraded building systems that better support your financial and operational requirements.

A BCM project enables you to lower energy bills, upgrade aging equipment, reduce maintenance expenses, and improve building comfort. Our solutions include all manner of building systems and energy-related applications from HVAC Systems and Controls to lighting retrofits. We carefully consider life cycle costs as well as ongoing operating costs of systems and equipment to develop optimal solutions for our clients.

BCM provides schools and universities, hospitals, industrial facilities, government facilities, and commercial office buildings with comprehensive customized energy-efficient solutions that include services such as:

  • Utility Bill Analysis
  • On-site operational assessment
  • Equipment upgrade evaluation
  • Facility energy modeling
  • Customized project development and implementation
  • Utility rebate assistance
  • Project financing
  • Remote monitoring and technical support to ensure that energy savings are maintained in the long run
  • Follow-up analysis after project installation

Our experienced professionals provide unmatched expertise in delivering cost-saving projects that accurately target and effectively satisfy facility needs. Our proven approach gives you a practical alternative to business as usual. Call us to determine how we can save you money on your next project.