BAS and SEC Training

BCM Controls encourages customers to take full advantage of available training support so that your staff can maximize the investment you are making in your system.

Generalized Training at BCM’s Facility in Woburn, MA

BCM offers generalized operator training and Administrator-level training on the TAC Andover Continuum product at our facility in Woburn. Classes are 4 to 8 hours in length and class size is limited to 12 students, to allow each student sufficient time to work on the lab exercises and receive individualized attention. The instructors for these classes are experienced BCM Applications Engineers and Construction Engineers. Classes are held on the last Wednesday of every month. Please fill out the registration form below or call 781-933-8878 extension 100 to sign up for classes.

Manufacturer General Training at Supplier’s Facility

BCM can arrange for customers to take training at the Schneider Facility factory in North Andover. This is of interest primarily for customers that require an in-depth knowledge of their Building Automation system operation and programming; or users that may want to customize their control system and do future work themselves.

Job-Specific Training at the Customer’s Site

BCM provides training at the customer site to provide site-specific training on Building Automation system configuration, day-to-day system operation, and sequences of operation for the HVAC, lighting, security and other systems being controlled by BCM. The length of training varies from 4 hours to 40 hours depending on the complexity of the system and the number of personnel being trained. These classes are generally limited in size to 6 students, to allow individualized attention. Instructors for these classes are the BCM Applications Engineers and Construction Engineers that programmed and set up the customer’s site. Job Specific Training at the Customer’s Site is typically included in the scope of a project.

Site-Specific Follow-up Training

BCM can provide this type of training at the customer’s site after the initial training period. The purpose of this training is to address specific customer questions regarding the operation of the system. Class time varies based on customer requirements. These classes are generally limited in size to 6 students. Instructors for these classes are BCM Applications Engineers, Construction Engineers or Service Engineers familiar with the BAS operation at the site.