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BAS Service Agreements

BAS Service Agreements

Maintain Your Systems Performance

Quality Repairs, Routine Calibration, Optimization, Sequence Testing and Visual Inspections help reduce your Building Automation System equipment downtime, risks and related costs. As repair charges can add up very quickly, BCM Controls can help you control your maintenance budget with flexible Service Agreements. To help you maintain system reliability and performance while optimizing comfort conditions, please consider a Full Service Agreement with BCM Controls.

You can create a custom service package best suited to meet the unique needs of your facility from the following available agreement options:

Full Coverage Service Agreement
  • Labor and Parts Coverage for Failed Equipment
  • Guaranteed Response Time
  • Annual Calibration, Optimization, Sequence Testing and Inspection.
  • Preferred Labor Rates
Optional Critical Systems Testing
  • Critical Systems Sequence Testing
  • Smoke Evacuation Testing
  • Critical Alarm Testing
Optional Calibration Only
  • Annual Calibration of control components
  • System Optimization
  • Normal Operation Sequence Testing
  • Visual Inspections
  • Database Protection
  • Findings Report
Optional After Hours Coverage
  • Labor Coverage for Emergency requests after Normal Business Hours