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Energy Services Approach

Energy Services Approach

Working with your team, BCM follows a proven process to align your energy profile with your business objectives.

Preliminary Energy and Utility Profile
  • Energy bill analysis and benchmarking
  • Identification of potential financing available through utility rebate programs
Site Audit
  • Meeting with the customer to understand project goals and constraints
  • Collection of building equipment information and drawings
  • Site survey of existing building operations with facility personnel
  • Consideration of possible Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) related to Building Automation, Lighting, Mechanical Systems, Electrical Systems, Water Conservation and Building Envelope
Project Proposal Development
  • Identification of specific and realistic ECMs that deliver payback within customer criteria – typically less than 5 years
  • Identification of measures to improve comfort or reliability or address other building issues
  • Detailed proposal including description of proposed ECMs with estimated energy savings, available utility rebates and leasing options
Comprehensive Analysis
  • Comprehensive facility energy model to base line energy usage in the facility and validate the projected savings of ECMs
Project Implementation
  • Realization of savings and other objectives through the implementation of Energy Conservation Measures
Sustained Performance
  • Sustaining long-term peak facility performance through monitoring, maintenance, training and continuous commissioning